Added the official song iTunes-time preview

Music player from Apple's iTunes officially offer an overview of extending the duration to 90 seconds for a particular song. The company behind this service is revealed plans to extend the purchased song preview last month, when the Cupertino, sent a letter to representatives of the label to inform them of the changes that occur. Surely this would be an advantage of iTunes that can empower users and potential buyers again.

CNet has revealed that researchers at the University Robert Morris last November, said the test tracks play an important role in the process of purchasing a user. In addition, in a report released by the university in 2009, said Professor and Assistant Professor Min Lu Yanbin Tu, consumers are more likely to buy songs if they were allowed to listen to music samples of about 60 seconds.

At the beginning of last month, Apple said that the change will occur 90 seconds of a song that has at least two and a half minutes long. Apple also provided confirmation to continue to provide the sample of 30 seconds of the song is shorter than two and a half minutes. Mac maker is already declared record companies and other partners in the music industry change. Thus, it is hoped that this message will not be led to protests from the party label, but do it as an advantage in offering music to the listener.