Build New Home Guidelines

Maybe if you plan to buy a home through the developer does not have so many problems with the process that people want to build a house yourself, you are only at the location of accommodation you want to come over to the marketing section, select the cluster that you want and complete.
In contrast to the procedure if you want to build their own home or use the services of architectural consultant / contractor and do their own.
Well here are some things that needed to build the house so that everything works, you have to provide funds, in addition, of course.

1. Select the location of the land
Choose a location where the house that we will wake up is a job that requires precision, not only the technical aspects, as well as several other aspects that help to determine, such as economics, development is another aspect that could become a basis of location of the site where we build the house later.

2. Finding information about the price of construction, architectural models or trend
Once we have the perfect place where we build a house, so next step is to gather information as possible about their construction plans, gather information on current construction prices, view - Display Products - building materials, such as walking - in road construction materials Supermarket, where we can see the shape and the price of materials - building materials in this case, you should seek the advice of the architectural consultants because they have the information - the information you need so that you can build your dream home.

3. Search for architects to create the design house
If we are sick, we seek a doctor to cure our disease, so we have a car and crushed when we are looking for a mechanic to fix our car. And who do we need if we want to build a house? Of course we are looking for an architect. Sometimes, people think that what we have to pay an architect, but we want to build a small house, sometimes this type of thinking often comes to mind about how many people need to use an architect to design the home that will make us wake up, often held "certainly expensive to use the services of architects to build a house."
4. To maintain your license
When we have a picture of their construction plans, the next step is the stage where we begin to take care of licensing of Houses Development Plan, namely to take care of building permits in the area of public bodies.

5. Development Agreement Process
Process Development Agreement is a process where we enter the stage where building plans are released, either alone or in the work of the architect or contractor