How to choose apartments for investment

Here are some tips, or things that can be taken into consideration when choosing an apartment as an investment. This can be taken into consideration, so that it can reduce unnecessary mistakes by investing in property especially in the apartment.

1. Timing (Time)
Try to buy an apartment as soon as possible. Property, known as pre-launch period before the launch of Alias. Typically, pre-launch prices will be cheaper in price compared with the launch or the price of apartments has been so convenient. Even better, of course, if you buy an apartment in the pre-launch or just the earliest possible manner.

2. Information and networking
Well, how can I buy an apartment as soon as possible. One way and most effective is information on the network or people inside. To build relationships with people that includes information about the apartment development, especially when the flat was released for purchase, and if possible before the launch time.

3. Enjoy community Network
Buy an apartment for yourself or buy an apartment on behalf of a group or network will be very different. If the buyer to form a group, or belonging to a large group, usually the buyer has the bargaining power to buy the apartment. Thus, the collective hope the buyers get a good price, and can get the location or device of their choice.

4. Come early
Come early in the launch or pre-launch to get the opportunity to choose the best device. Remember to buy an apartment is not only the location of the apartment, but also the device to be purchased. Often buyers will be given on the basis of arrival on the set of the card during the launch the new election units.

5. Survey
It is important to consider the device to be purchased. This is especially important when buying an apartment for rent. Often tenants will pay a viewpoint specific attention to the apartment itself.
6. Do some research before you come to a presentation
Examining only when he came to the presentation in the launch of the apartment. What reasonable price around the area. How much the average rents in the area, etc.. Initial research will be useful to make decisions quickly and accurately. Those who conduct research in the first winner not with other potential investors. And more importantly, buyers will not be easy to convince the seller because he did his own research first.