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  • lvinaykumar
    06-24 04:47 PM
    If you find a document let us know. that would be really interesting...

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  • number30
    07-26 04:47 PM
    Hello Friends

    My EB2 petition was filed in TSC in June 2009 and on July 20 2009 I received an email saying that " my approval notice was sent".Today the status changed to " Document mailed ON juLY 24 2009 " and also my previous eb1a denial in Feb 2009 got a soft LUD.

    I am totally confused by this . Can some one offer their opinion on this strange development ?

    Appreciate your help in advance

    MurthyDotCom : TSC Erroneously Issues I-140 Approval eMails on Premium Processing Cases (

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  • krupa
    05-06 08:45 PM
    There may be other avenues to get AP for a longer period. EAD nothing to do with your 485 processing. Without EAD you can get AP if 485 is pending.

    Please consult your attorney.

    My wife and I have a pending AOS, and have our EADs.
    My priority date for EB-2 is September 2004.

    I plan to go back to school in Spain - starting November 2009. The program ends in December 2010. However, my EAD expires October 2010.

    Is there anything I can do to keep my GC processing on track? Can I renew my EAD while I'm in Spain?

    Thank you,

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  • dilbert_cal
    01-13 09:43 PM
    Hi ,

    I'm looking for university professor/asst professor/lecturer job whereby university can sponsor h1b.If anybody can point me to universities which sponsor h1b in/near bay area ,it would be great. the local community colleges does not seem to sponsor h1b.

    Thanks a lot,

    stanford & berkeley does --check their websites for open faculty positions


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  • AmericanDreamZ
    10-19 01:36 PM
    H1, H4 (spouse) and H4 (kid) living happily.

    File 485 and gets EAD/AP.

    H1 doesn't use EAD.

    H4 uses EAD and hence looses H4 status.

    I-485 is denied.

    Now, my understanding is that spouse has to go out of country and come back again on H4.

    What about the kid?

    When does the kid loose his/her H4 status? (When both mother and father use EAD)?

    This is just my thought, I would believe when the father (or whoever was on H1) uses EAD, the subsequent H4's would get canceled and their status would be Pending AOS. If 485 is denied, and if H1 person has not used EAD, then both son and mother can re enter on H4.


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  • vivcha
    11-18 04:36 PM
    I would really appreciate if someone throws some light on this issue. I am a J1 scholar at the University of Pennsylvania. I do not know what category that is because I am not paid either by my sponsor (upenn) or by my own government(India). Now, i wish to get enrolled in a full time MS program of University of Arkansas. In order to do that, should I apply for transfer of J1 from UPenn to U of A ...or should apply of transfer of visa from J1 to F1.In case I apply for F1, can I :
    1. Start my classes till my transfer from j1 to f1 is pending
    2.receive assistantship or on campus employment from UofA till my status from j1 to f1 is pending?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • pramodirt
    07-02 09:46 AM
    Hi All,

    I got my COS from H4 to F1 approved in first semester itself (Fed-2010), now my questions is I don�t have plans for going to India in next couple of years so after completing my masters can I apply for OPT without having the F1 Visa stamping OR should I have to get F1 Visa stamping in India in order to get the OPT after my masters.

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  • tempgc
    10-16 01:36 PM
    I have a question regarding I-485 finger prints. Can I goto local USCIS office for fingerprints without original FP notice. I have a copy of the FP receipt notice sent by my lawyer by e-mail.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • yestogc
    04-07 06:49 PM
    I always belive Premium is better and this is just a rumour that it attracts RFE.

    The reason is plain and simple, let's say that you change to Company B and since normal processing takes anywhere from 3-6 months (let's say in meantime your old employer cancells your H1B) and at end of say 3-6 months you come to know that your H1B transfer to company B is denied you have no option but to leave country.

    Whereas in permium in 15 days you will know if that is through or not and GOD forbidden even if that gets rejected , you still have paystubs which will be just 15 days old, still you can do another H1B transfer with a new employer.

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  • sbmallik
    06-30 04:52 PM
    You did a good job by traveling out of the country and obtained a new I-94 based on the existing L-1 so that the H-1 status didn't kicked in. Yes, your L-1 can be extended for now as you still maintained L-1 status. Later if you decide to file an H-1 the best thing would be a change of status (L-1 to H-1) application.


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  • vardinishankar
    04-02 06:48 PM
    What was your status in US during the gap?

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  • gondalguru
    07-19 11:07 PM
    Just curious.

    Who played what role in the reversal of USCIS/DOS decision?

    Did IV core / AILA / Congresswoman Lofgren worked together in the back ground? Flower campaign / SJ rally / media - newspaper articles ?

    May be all of the above had its unique impact on USCIS's decision to accept I-485?


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  • lotsofspace
    12-31 01:32 PM
    Now that it is 180 days Since Jul 2nd and some of us are thinking about AC21. Some are invoking AC21 and sending the documentation as soon as they change jobs and others are thinking of not informing the CIS (AFAIK Informing CIS is not mandatory as per AC21).

    A friend of mine changed jobs 3 times after filing I485 never informing the CIS and got his GC without any RFE. He has the luxury of the lawyer who originally filed the I485 work with him and the company never revoked I140(because they laid him off). Another friend sent the documentation about invocation of AC21 and got RFE.

    It is expressed in other related threads to start a poll so that we can have an idea of trends in AC21 usage.

    This is a simple poll.


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  • jack
    11-01 01:41 PM
    Thank you very much for the suggestion


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  • a2006
    10-04 11:21 AM
    hi, i recently filed 485,EAD,AP for my wife and the attorney asked for check of $1010/- that includes unlimited EAD renewals.

    Is this really possible ? Please advise.
    yes, this is the fee structure from 2007 July D&vgnextchannel=db029c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

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  • nb_des
    10-04 01:45 PM
    You are just guessing that he was the reason that our SKIL bill or even a minor reform was not included in latest enformance only bills. I have personally read different point of views here. Mathew Oh's website said House wanted to include some measure but were not allowed to include piecemeal immigration legislations.

    I guess only core members will only know who supports us and who does not.


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  • seanl
    08-07 03:22 PM
    I received an RFE that put my I-485 on hold,

    "In order to process your application further you will need to submit the following:

    1. Evidence of your lawful admission or parole into the United States. Such evidence includes, but is not limited to, Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record, or a copy of the nonimmigrant visa page of your passport showing admission to the United States.


    2. If you last entered the United States without inspection, you must submit evidence of your eligibility for adjustment of status under section 245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). To be eligible for adjustment under 245(i) of INA, you must be the beneficiary of an immigrant visa petition or application for labor certification filed on or before April 30th, 2001. Unless not required in the instructions for Supplement A, you must pay the required section 245(i) surcharge fee.

    Please submit evidence of eligibility under section 245(i) of INA and a completed and signed Supplement A to Form I-485. Evidence of eligibility includes Form-I797, Notice of Action for Form I-130, I-140, or I-360. This form must have been filed on or before April 30th, 2001. You must have been the beneficiary, spouse of the beneficiary, or eligible childe of the beneficiary. The relationship had to exist on or before April 30th, 2001 or when the petition was filed."

    I came across from Canada when I was five years old as a visitor, did not have a passport as one was not required to enter the U.S. from Canada. When we entered we intended to visit my mothers husband and then all of us go back to Canada. However we decided to stay here. My question is, what can I provide as evidence of entering the United States since I did not have a passport and entered as a visitor so I do not have an I-94, and I believe I dont apply to the 245(i).

    I called Immigration and they mentioned form I-102 to replace I-94, theres an option E on the form that says "I was not issued Form I-94 when I entered as a nonimmigrant, and I am filing this application together with an application for an extension of stay/change of
    status." Would this be the right route? Would I receive an I-94? Is there something else I need to send?

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  • Yeldarb
    11-14 07:59 PM
    How much do you charge?

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  • Munshi75
    06-05 06:23 PM
    Open a thread for yourself!!!

    Hi Guys,

    In the instructions to file EAD they say to print name and alien receipt number on the back of the photos.

    What number should we write? I-485 receipt number or receipt number for last EAD?

    Can someone please respond?


    09-18 12:32 PM
    Feeling bad for not making it. Looking forward to see our heros pics and videos


    05-06 08:23 PM
    I'm facing a frustrating issue and am hoping that someone can provide help on this. I'm on my H1 10th year extn. My I-140 (EB-3) was recently approved and I cannot apply for I-485 as the visa dates are not available. My Company recently changed their name from ABC, doing business as XYZ, to DEF, doing business as XYZ (the doing business as part of the name is the same and there was no merger, just a name change).

    My first question is does this invalidate my approved I-140 and should I refile the I-140. Also, when I file my H-1 extension what document should I provide to prove the name change (or is it even needed?)? Any help on these 2 questions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.