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  • wandmaker
    11-27 01:25 PM
    fionaapple20: Safest and clean route is to find an another employer and transfer H1B. Make sure your current employer does not revoke your 140, in case if its not approved. Additionally, it is highly recommended to invoke AC21 after your 140 is approved and 180 days passed.

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  • sanju
    07-27 11:51 AM
    if there was something IV core would have informed us and suggested action items..
    as of now concentrate on 2 action items

    - Sending Thankyou cards
    - Upload IV video on utube

    Thanks for saying that jonty_11. It seems most members do not want to do the things requested to us by the IV core team. We just want them to provide us "service" by working to answer our personal questions which we should be asking paid lawyers, we just want to logon to the website to get the latest news and think the IV core team is simply idiot to request us to send out Thank You cards and put YouTube videos. There is no scarcity or ranting on the forums about personal situations, patriotism, logic, economic arguments, and our our personal belief system whenever we find someone in conflict with us. However, most people do not want to function as a community and want others to prepare a list of amendments for them so that they do not have to do their homework, so that they could get their green cards sooner.

    Guys, please do not post messages for the sake of posting messages. Each post takes away many man hours when thousands of people are reading the post. This is time spent away from important activity. Most members are simply posting new threads over and over again, asking the same question. I am not able to understand why do people not want to search for an answer to their question in the earlier posts. Why do we have to spend time in reading and answering same set of questions over and over again?

    And why do we ask others to put a list of all the amendments? If we want answer to this question, why can't one spend time and prepare a list and post that list sharing the information with others? No offense meant, I am simply trying to understand.

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  • mchokshi
    04-08 01:17 PM
    see the attachment....or check the URL


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  • WillIBLucky
    01-10 02:23 PM
    For a while I was glad no one is talking about this. But I guess its hard not to talk about it as well. :D
    There is no point in guessing the visa bulletin......
    Any news when this would be out and what to expect..??

    Good Luck..


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  • chinna2003
    05-15 10:15 AM
    I realize the miscommunication on my part so I apologize to my previous post that i didnt understand the reply.
    I meant to ask if the primary applicant my spouse can take the extended leave on child care that is sanctioned by the employer .As a dependent I am aware that I can be without a job.
    EB3 PD is Feb 2005
    I 140 approved filed 02/2006
    I485 07/2007
    RFE for EVL April 2009 submitted

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  • cooler
    02-24 12:51 PM
    Haitians might be eligible for TPS (Temporary protected status) because of the recent earth quake. Not sure if this applies for people already in USA or not.

    Try exploring that. Like Madan said, you would need to be a citizen if you want to sponsor her GC.

    Hi, My mother lives in Haiti, i was not able to file a petition for her before the earthquake happened. Now with all of that going on, i need to know how to file and get her quicker to the us? Any response will be greatly appreciated, thank you


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  • cool_desi_gc
    03-18 12:15 PM
    My apps had 3 LUD's in a period of 10 days since i submitted AR-11.

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  • kanshul
    02-08 09:39 AM
    At this time there is no certainity.At the rate in which dates are moving in EB2 India (1 month move in a year) your PD will be current after 10 years. You may not even consider coming here then.

    More realistic is the situation when illegal will get amnesty and legals may be put ahead of line.

    Also the window may be as little as 30 days like in July 2007 as long as anytime (say someone with PD 2003 in EB2 --any time in the future)

    I do wish you all the best.


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  • svam77
    07-24 02:22 PM
    I mean should it be only Software engr in the exp letter rather than Sr Software engr, since the labor says Software engr ?

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  • jvs
    03-19 01:06 AM
    You can scan the hard copy using a scanner to get a soft copy. If you don't have a scanner, you can use one at Fedex-Kinko store.


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  • kewlchap
    11-09 12:40 AM
    Yes, that is the correct address. Good luck...

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  • kondur_007
    03-09 06:38 PM
    You need to speak to a very good lawyer before doing this.

    As far as I know, While you are on US soil on H1B visa: you can not work for anything else (not even during after hours, on holidays etc) for any company (not even an Indian company).

    Doing so will violet H1B status.

    So yes, you can establish a company in India when you go there for vacation, become a CEO of it and work for it (while you are there), but can not work as a "CEO of indian company" while you are on US soil.

    This is technical law...just so you know.

    Good Luck.

    PS: I like your idea and I admire your dream.


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  • archpai
    12-07 10:24 PM
    I took my 2.5 year old to the FP.
    The security officer did not ask anything about him.I was allowed to go with my son.There was no problem.

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  • sertasheep
    05-27 03:10 PM


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  • obviously
    07-27 07:05 AM
    The Office of the Ombudsman is usually best addressed through 'non named' communication. By nature of the profession, Ombudsmen as neutral third parties and hence influence greater effects without direct name association. This is a technicality in the ADR/mediation profession.

    For those who'd be more comfortable addressing Mr. , by all means no harm, no foul.

    In any case, the Office of the Ombudsman in this can can be a POWERFUL resource because it can enable the Govt and USCIS Officials to take corrective action and place motivation on the Ombudsman instead of themselves. Thats how most bureaucracies work, find the person to pin the tail on and play the game.

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  • zCool
    04-02 01:00 PM
    Agree ,
    once you are on EAD , you can work for any number of employers..


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  • nmdial
    10-16 05:21 PM
    Please, count me in.

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  • mdcowboy
    05-06 06:54 PM
    Yeah.. things are not good at all here now!!! and Everywhere soon ???

    Daily Job Cuts - Layoff News , Job Layoffs 2010 / 2009 , Bankruptcy, Store closings and other Business Economy News (http://dailyjobcuts.com/)

    Already we know how schools are here I mean how they teach and on top of this I see lot of Layoffs and in Schools and closing of schools everywhere across country, dont know where it will lead to further, with all these BIG DROPS in Wall St.

    Next will be Jobs Reports and Foreclosure Reports along with Greece / Europe Problems.

    It will be fun !!! will go back 25 yrs ???

    proclaiming that the recession is over! :mad:

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  • cooolvick
    11-30 10:00 PM

    I am in a fixed situation and in big dilemma.
    My H1 is expiring in 2007 June first week.

    My current employer's (A) attorney is useless and I had to struggle for a year to get my labor filed.
    Labor got approved recently and still struggling to file my I-140 in premium.

    Meanwhile, I got an offer for permanent employment in a good organization (B).

    I would like take that offer but issues that are bothering me are:

    1. If I wait and finish my I-140 with current company (A), do I have to get 3 years H1 extension with Company (A) before transferring to company (B)?

    2. Do company (B) have rights to extend my H1 visa for 3 years with I-140 approval from current company (A)?

    3. Is it safe to switch companies immediately after I-140 approval? I thought 180 days time is preferred but I don�t have the luxury of waiting for 180 days.

    Please help me with these questions.


    06-11 05:42 PM
    Thank you, Elaine.

    What if I extend my current H1B beyond Oct 1st, and at the same time file a new petition for new employer B?

    Other than EAD, what is the option for me to start to work on 7/22/2009 for empolyer B?

    07-18 05:19 PM
    Opps, I didn't mean to post the same message 2 times. I must have pressed a wrong key.