Dragon Tattoos - What Style Of Dragon Works For You

In this article we are going to explore the dragon tattoo design. The 2 main types of dragons are the western dragon and the eastern dragon.
The western dragon design is the style of which most Americans and Europeans are familiar. This dragon has features like wings, 4 legs, scales, a long sharp tail, sometimes fire breathing with bird like claws or talons. These dragons are inked in almost any color and usually are posed in wicked, fighting or defensive positions. When choosing the western dragon tattoo style, make sure the image is one you want portrayed. Obviously, size is a great way to display the mood of your dragon tattoo design. The other style of dragon is the eastern dragon design. The eastern style dragon's demeanor is depicted to be basically the opposite of the western dragon. When selecting this style of dragon you should consider color, length, and the number of claws.
Choose yellow to demonstrate superiority.

The length of an eastern dragon depicts the strength and importance of the dragon. The number of claws is important to the eastern dragon design. 4 claws depicts Korea or Indonesia and 5 claws or toes is Chinese.

Executive Summary By: B Murray