Tattoo Sleeve Designs

A very artistic way of decorating the body with colors and pigments is the art of tattoo, usually done by gifted tattoo artists. Tattoos can be designed and marked on any part of the body. Just like the tattoo sleeve which can be done on your arms.

What Is a Tattoo Sleeve?

This kind of tattoo is usually evident on the arms. It comes in three popular types; the half sleeve tattoo which covers the entire upper or lower arm; the quarter sleeve tattoo which covers the skin from the shoulder midway to the elbow; and the full sleeve tattoo which covers the whole arm from shoulder to wrist.

Sleeve tattoos are not only on the arms; they can also be a leg tattoo. Although tattoo sleeve is a work of art, it would still best if you chose the right design that you love best.

In your choice of design for the tattoo sleeve, you also need to include the cost of the tattoos. The more complicated and larger the design of chosen tattoo sleeve, the higher the cost. Some tattoo artists would take breaks while doing the body art so you can expect one whole day for the complete tattoo sleeve markings.

Prepare yourself for the cost of the tattoo designs and allot some of your time for the whole day tattoo process.

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Executive Summary By Ryan Edward