Rain Harvesting

Availability of water are considered important in the climate conditions of uncertainty. In the prolonged dry season, many activities of daily life disrupted because of lack of water supply. For that, necessary effort to maximize the potential of water resources in order to provide particular daily needs during the difficult water.

Rain are not coming during the year although the amount of water that falls relatively fixed in accordance with the potential of rainfall in each region. One cause of many common areas in the raw water shortages because of drought when water use is too concentrated in the rainy season and there is no attempt to store rainwater. In fact, that water remains available in the dry season is very dependent on water conservation.

According to the situation we have to deposit rainwater during rain to the rain water barrels .The main function of rain barrels is to deposit rain water during rain so it can continue to be used for a prolonged period even repeated. The deposit of rain water can be use as drinking water and for other purpose.There are plenty of rain barrels for sale available today, the factory not only considered about the function but also think about the looks, color and art.