Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends - Download

Rise of Nations: Rise of legens is a RTS (Real Time Strategy) distributed by Microsoft that differs from their master franchise - Age of Empires - the coexistence of magic and technology to the conquest of enemy territory and the fact that each city has a boundary system that limits the area that buildings can be built. There are only two kinds of natural resources are not exhausted, which leads to an emphasis on strategy and management units.

The story chronicles the battle between three races: Alin, masters of magic, Cuotl, demonic creatures and Vinci, considerable domain owners on the different forms of technology. Among the construction of the units, it is essential that the player master the use of the districts, divided into military districts, merchants and palaces, as each of them provides a significant bonus.

In addition to the regular units, Rise of Nations have two classes of units with high power, the Master Units and heroes. Master units are enormous creatures with unique abilities, accessible only through the construction of a Great City, a building that consumes many resources. The heroes are fast units with different skills can provide many benefits to members of the army.

To share features with titles such as Command and Conquer 3 and Warcraft 3, one can say that Rise of Nations is a versatile and complementary to the RTS experience in Age of Empires 3.